Monday, September 05, 2011

Random Thoughts on the Last Day of the September Long Weekend

  • Labor Day always makes me think of school and the evening of the holiday, I always find myself with this heavy sigh, much like the one I had in school, Labor Day really meant the end of summer, the end of free time and while I haven't been in school in ages, it still reminds me of it.
  • I think I hate Twitter. I really don't understand it. I've tried but to be honest, I think the site is to cumbersome (why doesn't the place where you type your tweets stay static at the top of the page? Then you can scroll through the tweets and not have to scroll ALL THE WAY BACK UP to the top when you suddenly decided you want to type something. I fucking hate that). I'm sure I'll use it here and there, but I have no vast love for the site and I don't think that will change
  • I'm surprised how much I have gotten used to the sounds of the trains outside of Union Station. Our apartment faces directly at them and the sound of the metal wheels on tracks echoes really loudly. I've gotten used to it. The first week in this apartment, the sound would wake me up, now I almost forget about it. Hunter will run frantically to the window when he hears it, yelling "Mommy, Train!" Most of the time, I've completely blocked it out.
  • Tomorrow is the start of a new diet plan for myself. I'm cutting way back on sugars and white flours. I need to eliminate how much of both of these things I eat. Going to cut back as drastically as I can and see if that helps me feel any better.
  • About that feeling better.. I've been pretty depressed for the last month or so. Not sure what it is, but I just can't seem to shake it. It's not an earth shattering depression, I'm not worried, I've just been in a funk that I can't seem to shake. Maybe some changes need to happen and I think starting with my diet is a good one.
  • I need new glasses. I also need more money to get these new glasses. Donations can be made directly to me. Expenses suck. I am really not looking forward to Christmas.
  • I'm very frustrated at my arms right now. I've been suffer with some nasty tennis elbow in my right arm for a while now and early into this long weekend, a heavy elevator door banged me on my left wrists, which have progressively gotten more and more painful. I've taken to wearing a tensor bandage on it today. It's not swollen, not bruised but it does hurt like a bitch,
  • Bruce is watching an Indiana Jones movie. I suppose I should join him. We tend to do agree on too many movies these days so when he starts to watch one I don't mind, I think I should join him.
  • My google search bar at the top of the screen currently contains the words "Piss Christ." You figure it out...

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