Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mortified Shoebox - The Penny Lane Edition

I am addicted to this podcast called The Mortified Shoebox show. Basically, this guy asks people to dig into their past, find the things they wrote, made, etc when they were younger and share them now, when they are adults. Most of the stuff is downright mortifying (hence the name) but wonderfully insightful and touching. We were all idiots when younger.

I don't know how many people know this about me, but I am journal/diary writer. I started writing in journals when I was in 4th grade and have kept it up, on some level, ever since. I'm not always consistent and I don't write in them as often as I'd like, but I have a huge stack of journals stashed around my house. I thought that sometimes, in my blog, I'd take a stab at sharing the things in my mortified shoebox....

The following is from June 7, 1999. I had turned 20 a few months ago and wrote this in some horrible day-glow pink gel pen, showing that even at 20, we sometimes revert to childhood...

I am surrounded by a bunch of idiots. The people I work with, specially the boys are the most annoying people god has planted on his Green Earth. I am beginning to doubt I will find anyone mature enough in this tiny city.

Hard to phantom that these boys are older than me, yet they act like children, squawking and making half-brained comments. You seriously began to think that these 'boys' don't think at all.

The trip to Chicago is coming up quickly. In less than one month, Warren and I will be on the road to adventure. It will be an event we both won't soon forget. I'm thinking this trip might change my life for the better.

So yeah. Short, not to embarrassing. Lets dive back a bit farther.

Here is an entry from one of my diaries, dated October 16, 1990... I would have been almost 12 years old.


Want to hear the details? Too Late! I'm going to tell you anyway
(seriously, that is how I wrote it, like I was talking to someone... I was one fucked up kid)

Andrew was bugging me because I like Kristine (NB, Kristine and I met in Kindergarden and we are still friends to this day). When it was home time, Me and Kristine were walking together and all of the sudden he pushed us! He said to me that I changed from a prep to a slut (HAHAHA, Nice). You know, if it was not for me, these people would not even know the difference between a prep and anything else! I don't mean to brag, but... Well when we were walking down the stairs, I spit on Andrew!When we got the to the bottom, he kicked me twice! THAT JERK.

Today I met Dave. He is very nice, he is okay looking too. Today I also got a coupon for a free ticket to the Bomber Game! It's against the Rough Riders. We all might go!

Poor Kristine! At gym today I sort of bumped into her. She was upset about something all day. She was about to cry in gym so I asked if she would like to go to the washrooms
(I assume I asked to see if she wanted to go someone private to talk, not to see if she wanted to wash her hands or something. Maybe she was upset about how dirty her hands were? Who knows?) We went and she told me what went wrong. She said "Everyone is dying on me!" Then she explained. She said first her dog died, then her grandpa died then her grandma died. One of her aunts is in a wheel chair and her other dog is sick! On top of that everyone is bugging her! Can't they give it a break!? She is very sensitive right now and everyone is pounding on her, like Mike Tyson punching a punching bag (HAHAHAH nice one). Everyone is so dumb! If they don't like her, don't bug her!

Today Jacqueline phoned me and we made up. She is blaming this all on Kristine. One time Kristine's Mother had to force Kristine's father to go to a dance recital. He wanted to go to her brothers hockey practice. I really feel sorry for her!

Man! Eleven years old and already boy crazy. My poor parents. How on earth did they deal? Also, let it be known that I am the worst speller on the face of the earth. I am over 30 and can't spell, so imagine how bad of a speller I was at 11? Shit was almost unreadable, but somehow I was able to muttle through it and figure out what the heck I was talking about.

I remember Andrew. I actually ran into him at the Cavern a few years back. We were both wasted drunk and acted like old friends. We kind of were friends on and off during grade school. It was high school when many of us went our different ways as we moved from our small school to one of the largest schools in the province and met a whole slew of new people. Many of the people I went to school with from kidergarden onward were left behind as I made new friends. It's crazy, really. I still talk with someone of those people and Kristine and I see each other often. We actually both have son's that are about seven or so months apart.

Go figure.

So that's enough embarrassment for one night...


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