Sunday, January 01, 2012

Maybe it's due to the fact that social media has connected us all on levels never before realized, but it seems everyone and their dog are making New Year's Resolutions this year. 

I've always given into peer pressure.

I'm expecting great things of myself in 2012. Bloated statement, I know. I'm thinking that if I overcompensate with vast amounts of confidence, then I will have no choice but to be successful in my new year endeavors.

1. Be healthy. This is a constant on just about everyones lists of resolutions. Who ever makes a resolution to be less than healthy? 

2. Be happy. Sounds simple, but I can easily let myself fall into this strange emotional pits. Time to put a stop to them.

3. Be Peaceful. Time to connect with my Buddha nature a bit more. Maybe more yoga?

4. Be responsible. I just became debt free for the first time since University. So it's my goal to be a whole heck more responsible with  all things financial. I do have some big purchases I'm going to be doing early this new year (glasses, new computer, possible used treadmill) and it's my goad to keep myself in good financial shape. I never want to be back to where I was.

5. Be loving. I sometimes forget to just be, well, loving. Need to work on that more.

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